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Case Study 20% UP

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Case Study:

20% UP Ý Q4 2022

Our client’s resort is situated in a remote area with several other casinos in the county, all less than 10 miles away. When monthly performance was reported and published, we saw no significant growth in the county throughout the fourth quarter of 2022. The county remained flat while our client realized consistent double-digit growth.

We sensed we could make a positive difference using our methods, but a 20% increase exceeded even our lofty expectations. We began by conducting exhaustive research and analysis. The outcomes guided us as we developed and fine-tuned our plan. We engaged team members through positive messaging that spread excitement throughout the organization and ultimately, to our players.


  • Grow collaborative atmosphere

  • Understand the market and client’s rank

  • Analyze slot & player data

  • Replace old/low performing games with new equipment

  • Revamp interior

  • Modify DM segments & offers

Process Overview

  • Exhaustive Assessment

  • Develop Consensus

  • Empower Designer

  • Plan and Budget

  • Execute

Representative Metrics:

Select Comments

Supply-chain issues persisting from Covid-19 delayed delivery of just about everything included EGMs and décor elements. These delays created last minute rescheduling, long timelines and frustration.

Communication is paramount to success. Every move, modification, challenges, and project updates were shared with the team – in writing.

CapEx was leveraged by increasing presence of rev-share products such as WAPs.

We saw a measurable jump in play when worn slot seating was replaced by new stools and seats.

The ad for this case study uses the term, “Hard Work”. I struggled with that but left it in the final copy. Indeed, this project had many interdependent processes that were complicated and contingent on factors out of our control. But these are exciting upgrades for the property. We created positive energy whenever we could and spread the good news to the team.

Tap into the best talent you have and can find. Listen to and absorb multiple points of view. The best choices may be found by encouraging and developing consensus.

We solicited opinions from guests during the implementation.

We continue to work with this client and hope to share more good news in the months ahead. In the meantime, consider the following:

This paper is intentionally generalized as we wanted to protect our client’s confidentiality. But if any of these ideas made you curious about how a new set of critical eyes and some fresh initiative could benefit your store, please give me a call.

Vince Manfredi


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